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Praise for the HowdaSeat®

Michael T, New York, NY

The HowdaSeat has saved my life! For years I suffered with planes, theatre seats, and autos which threw my back out of shape. I have told countless people of the wonders of this strange little seat – it is a marvelous invention and believe me, is there ever a need for it!

Jennifer H., Gold Hill, OR
It’s the perfect meditation seat. Extremely comfortable, folds to nothing and is so light. I’ve used mine for years.

Jane T. for WOMEN ABOARD newsletter, New York, NY
I thought other WOMEN ABOARD members might like to know about the HowdaSeats: Very handy aboard; Weighs very little; Rolls up in a few seconds into a compact bundle; When you get out of the chair, it folds itself flat – no complicated assembly or disassembly or stowing before docking.

Lisa M., Atlanta, GA
It’s stowable! The HowdaSeat is great for shallow water flats, bench seats without seat backs and Salt Water Anglers. It’s just the ticket!

Janet L., Voorheesville, NY
I bought my HowdaSeat ten years ago to use when sitting on grassy slopes to watch my grandson play soccer.  Since then I’ve used my HowdaSeat in all the places listed on your flyer except bird watching (I’m not a birder). I also take my seat to meetings to use on those abominable folding chairs and to use in hotels to sit on the bed to watch television.

Susan L., Lansford, PA
Thank you for returning my phone call regarding repair or replacement of my HowdaSeat.  It has been much used over the years, as we attended many athletic events in support of our children. It has been a real back saver! I’m sure I will be using it for many years to come.

Alfred Z., Houston, TX
I have used the HowdaSeat principally when I fly and when I rent cars. It has really been a back saver. Airplane seats are often without any lower back support. Also some new cars have the same problem.  The HowdaSeat has been perfect for me in my business travels – I just fold it up and put in my briefcase or carry on! When I arrive at my destination my back usually feels better than when I started my trip.

Jane T., Letter to the Editor of Practical Sailor
I read your article on cockpit seating with great interest. I was delighted to see that you found and also appreciate the HowdaSeat. I met Leslie Novak, the designer/owner of HowdaSeats, way back in the ’80s on a cross-town bus in Manhattan. She was carrying some of her than patent-pending seats to sell at the New York Gift Show. I bought one from her right on the bus – and I wasn’t a boater. I used it in my living room.

I’ve carried my beloved HowdaSeat through four geographical moves and into marriage to a sailor. My sailor husband quickly saw the utility of the HowdaSeat on the boat. Finally, a seat that doesn’t take up room; has minimal materials that can mildew; will dry quickly if wet since there is no cushion; and folds flat when you get up for a quick maneuver – thus not getting in your way as you move around the cockpit.

I was delighted when a quick Internet search found Leslie still making her now-patented HowdaSeats; we now have two on board and two for watching TV at home.  By the way, Howda will refurbish seats if the canvas wears out for about half the cost of a new seat. So far, I haven’t needed that service – the 1980-something seat is good as new.

Gloria A., New York, NY
I purchased one of your seats many years ago from a catalog and I am very attached to this seat. I have a bad back and I take it everywhere so that I can sit in comfort on the overly soft cushions I find everywhere.

Joannne P., Huntington, NY
I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying the red HowdaSeat you recently sent me. I’m enclosing a sad old one, which needs a full overhaul. It was purchased on 09/20/1992 from your cart at Faneuil Hall/Quincy market. I had just been released from a local hospital after having spent several days in traction for my lower back/sciatica. I was determined to go to Boston to drop my older son off at Northeastern University for his first semester. Your seat made it possible for me to sit up on the drive home, instead of lying down on the back seat for five hours as I had on the trip up.

As I can’t leave home without it, your HowdaSeat has been a globetrotter. In addition to yearly trips to Florida, it has also been to Oregon, the Czech Republic, Alaska and Scandinavia. Thank you for your life-saving (and back-saving) invention!

Cecelia R., Worcester, MA
I have a history of lower back pain. I received my HowdaSeat on July 12, 2002 and I used it immediately and I believe it is a miracle. I suffer no more! The relief is obvious and lasting. Thank you for a wonder in the new century.

Danna S., Lubbock, TX
If I had never owned a HowdaSeat I never would have known how good my back could feel! It set me on the road to recovery. I feel confident going anywhere knowing I will be comfortable wherever we end up!

Joan, Columbux, OH
I happen to be a very active 67 year old woman, lucky to play a lot of tennis, bike etc. However, ‘sitting’ can be a problem. With some arthritis in my hips and back, soft seats can be real killers. So my HowdaSeat not only helps me at home, but often travels along with me. There are times I use it flat, especially where a recliner is involved (planes etc.) I keep one in my car.

Congratulations on your “invention”, albeit 13-14 years old, and the very best to you in your future business endeavors with HowdaSeat.

Armando P., Los Angeles, CA
My delicate back (I refuse to say I have a bad one) is due to an L-4 / L-5 herniated disk, and the HowdaSeat is superb in dealing with my limitations. I can go everywhere with it. But today, when I received the package you’ve sent me with the post-it: “Enjoy!” I found out that not only the HowdaSeat is wonderful, but also that the people at Howda Designz are wonderful as well.

Gretchen N.
I purchased my first HowdaSeat from a catalog about ten years ago. While looking through the catalog I glimpsed a seat which looked like one that my parents used to take with them to the beach. I couldn’t believe my good fortune! I had a bad back and I remembered my mother saying how marvelous the seats were and wondered if it would do the trick for me. I have taken my seat with me everywhere, on trains, planes, picnics, football games, movie theaters, beach outings, fishing trips, out for dinners (particularly where they have soft cushy seating) and automobiles (most cars have horrible seats for people with bad backs). It is amazing how well the seat works on a stuffed sofa or chair! It is truly a wonderful invention…thank you!

Ramona L., Cambridge, MA
What a surprise to learn you’ll fix our Howda chair! We’ve had them a long time and use them a lot. We’ve been known to give them as gifts too. They’re great.


Praise for the HowdaHUG®

Diana S., Teacher, Columbus, OH
One of my students who lacks core trunk control (cerebral palsy) often moves from side to side in his chair to get balance. When I had him sit in the HowdaHUG, he sat at the table for 20 minutes without any writhing from side to side. He did not want to move. When questioned, he said he was comfortable!

Another kindergarten student, small in stature, who has extremely weak fine motor control, sat in the seat for his handwriting. When asked about the seat, he told me “it just feels good.” His control and pressure was much improved on this day.

The teacher I work with, who teaches children with autism, uses the HowdaHUG for many children in her classroom. She has been able to use it with 5 of her children so far and all results have been positive. The classroom paraprofessionals are providing feedback as well……….”that seat is great,” “the kids love that seat.” The feedback I get is that the seat provides a calming sense and support for these kiddos.

We feel that the impact of the seat is awesome. Kids sit better and attend to group and lessons longer. Our district is interested in purchasing them to have them available in all of our buildings.

B.B., Hamilton, MA
The HowdaHUG chairs are, just after books, perhaps the most significant factor in our class’s Reading Workshop. Teaching in an inclusion model classroom with students who have an array of attentional, sensory, and learning challenges integrated with so-called typically developing students, I find these seats contribute to sustained reading and enjoyment of books. They are a great equalizer as all benefit from their comfort when we spread across the room. Children sit, rock, or even roll over . . . but, they keep on reading!

Georgia V., New Hampshire
Our principal was in a 3rd grade classroom, observing writing time when the children were asked to go back to their desks to finish their lesson. The principal noticed this little girl sitting in the HowdaHug on the floor, tipped back with the clip board on her thighs. She was doing her writing and completely oblivious to what was going on in the classroom around her. As the teacher circulated around the room, she stopped at the little girl and said, “Wow, this is the best writing you have ever done!” The principal approached the girl and asked how she liked sitting in the chair. She said, ‘Oh I love it, everyone is always wanting it!’’

Jim K., Canada
I have just ordered the child’s HowdaHUG chair. I am keenly interested in purchasing one for myself to have in a classroom reading corner! Thank you for the personal contact! How delightful to know that I am dealing with “real” people and not just some number in the system!!

S.S., Occupational Therapist, Baltimore, MD
The HowdaHUG chair has been well received by several students in my young autism class. It helps them sit and attend during floor time group activities. It also has been very helpful during individual work times to get them focused and reduce elopement. It allows for sensory breaks through rocking and pushing without needing to transition away from the work area.

J.K., Occupational Therapist, Baltimore, MD
The HowdaHUG chair has been helpful for one student in particular. This student seeks out deep pressure during the day. He also has a goal to stay seated during tasks throughout his day. I believe that this chair has helped provide sensory input for this student and I have seen an improvement in his ability to stay seated during desk-top tasks. This chair is also very easy to set-up and use with a regular desk chair as well as easy to store with the convenient collapsible design.

Karen H., Mother, Alabama
My daughter absolutely loves her HowdaHUG chair. She uses it everyday in class when they are having circle time or when she needs to sit for extended periods of time. It helps her stay focus on the situation on hand while sitting in a comfortable chair. We would highly recommend this chair to anyone, child or adult, for any reason to sit comfortably.

Sue H.
My son really liked the feel of the seat (he also has low muscle tone) and it helped to keep him more settled. I ordered two because my younger son (5 yrs) loved it too so I had to buy one for him as well!!

Karen W., Educational Consultant, New Hampshire
As the adult, I join them in my seat. I find that sitting in it eases my arthritic wrists, hips, and knees that would otherwise be supporting the weight of my body on the floor as I meet with them, allowing me to be more attentive as well.

Donna C., Teacher, Massachusetts
Chairs are working especially on the floor and has made a great difference for Greg’s son… not fidgeting in math class. We love them.

Praise for the BriefBag

Tatum Y., Asheville, NC
Your BriefBag has been my constant companion for the last four years. This bag is so wonderful that one can always be ready to run away from home with only a moment’s notice. I do not know how I lived an orderly life before it and I am so pleased that I can now continue my bag filing system with a new black bag.

Tom P., Sagamore Beach, MA
The BriefBag has been tremendous. I commute by bus from Cape Cod to Boston everyday and where I used to need two bags (1 briefcase for papers and another for odds and ends) I now only need one – the BriefBag. The outside pockets have my walkman, umbrella, magazines, newspapers and everything I’ve found useful for commuting. Inside holds everything needed for work along with snacks, change of shoes, whatever.

Ross Brady, student, UMass Amherst
When I went to Greece for five weeks this summer for archaeological field school, I packed two things: an aluminum-frame backpack and a Howda BriefBag. The BriefBag kept my passport, wallet, drinking water, maps, snacks, change of clothes, camera, phone — you name it — all in one place and it was always comfortable no matter how heavy it got. Now that I’m back at school I still use it every day. It’s a lot more practical and useful than a messenger bag or backpack.