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Size Chart

HowdaSeat® and HowdaHUG® Sizing Chart

Made in sizes to accommodate the range and age of our customers, this chart will help you select the seat that will fit your needs for ultimate “hugging” back and bottom care. The XL Wide HowdaSeat, Medium HowdaSeat and small HowdaSeat are designed for adults with adjustable and release clasps. The release clasp buckles make it easy to get into and out of car seats.

The HowdaHUGs are built for children with non release adjustable straps. They are harder to adjust, on purpose, to keep children from changing the strap length and fidgiting with them.

Howda Seating products are made in the USA. The wood slats are ergonomically fitted for safe and solid support that “girdles” the back and body.

Suggested weights are listed for comfort.