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Half Howda


The Half Howda gives the lower spine a “set up” “sit up” kind of support from butt to brain, without a doubt a ton of support that could be needed for anyone requiring this kind of bottom support to be comfortable.



“Half Howda” is The Kinda Seat
It’s Kinda great for your sitz bones!

The Half Howda gives the lower spine a “sitz up” support from butt to brain.

It’s a Kinda care of for bottom and back
It Kinda really goes everywhere!
And you “kinda” cannot go without it!

This is probably the best little nothing seat you have ever sitz/sat on.

It folds up like a fan. It weighs less than a pound.

It’s strong enough for all size sitz bones. And backs.

It gives, without a doubt, a ton of support in all the right places.


  • The Half Howda is made of the same hard wood and canvas that the Original HowdaSeat is made of.
  • The wood slats are crafted from the lightest of the hard woods and the canvas is 100% cotton heavy weight seat canvas.
  • The Half Howda is available in original natural color canvas (don’t worry more colors are on the way!)

FEEL the difference to your posture

  • Place the Half Howda on top of any car seat, chair, couch or cushion.
  • Replace “no support with support”
  • Feel the difference. Set it down on a bench!
  • Set it on a meditation cushion. OH MY!!!!

Half Howda supports under the knees

  • It gives balance, structure and stability to a soft pillow on the couch or chair!

Half Howdas can be set against the back of the car seat, chair and couch, angled to support back properly

  • It offers strong support to the back and spine even on hard chairs.
  • It support under the knees
  • That makes a ton of difference

In the ergonomic chair that does not feel right use the Half Howda!

At the dining table on those chairs at someone else’s house, that you don’t like, you get better support sitting on a Half Howda

IN the CAR, did we say it “kinda” helps?
Well it helps a lot, not just “kinda”

Additional information

Weight 2.0 lbs

Medium Yellow, Large Natural


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