Cradle and rock your spirited child!

Find out why the HowdaHUG is so beneficial for children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), and has been dubbed "The Listening Chair" by more then one classroom.


circle time with HUGS

HowdaHUGS -- Seats that embrace "like a hug."

Clinically trialed and endorsed by professionals and parents alike.

Designed for "fidgety kids" who present a need for deep sensory input to find focus, calm and containment.

 Crafted by hand to provide smooth rocking.

Design comes from research and clinical trials to attain the finest possible seating during circle time, on the floor or in a chair.

 Lightweight and portable, HUGS are great for home, school, or wherever kids need a supportive embrace!


"We feel that the impact of the seat is awesome. Kids sit better and attend to group and lessons longer." 

- Diana S., Teacher, Columbus OH


HowdaHUG Petite
Product ID : 1210
For children ages 3-5 years and up. Made in the USA.
Product ID : 1125
For children 7 years and up to young adult. Made in the USA.
Product ID : 1135
For tall, slender children 5 years and up. Made in the USA.
Shoulder Carry Pouch
Product ID : 3125
Carry your HowdaSeat or HowdaHUG with this nylon tote.