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Leslie Aisner Novak – From the Archives
Leslie Aisner Novak – From the Archives
April 9th, 2018

Look what we found in the archives! It seems like yesterday! An interview with Howda Designz owner, Leslie Aisner Novak, while she was just starting her HowdaSeat adventure. Leslie was looking for a starter space and found it at The Tannery in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

Howda Today

Novak holds patents for both the HowdaSeat and HowdaHUG. Furthermore, she oversees their manufacture in Maine, in addition to distribution from her  home office in Amesbury, MA. Both the HowdaSeat and HowdaHUG are sold retail and through many catalogs and other retail distributors.


Handcrafting HowdaSeats and HowdaHUGs in Maine USA, one seat at a time.

Entrepreneur, Visionary, and Inventor Leslie Aisner Novak

Leslie founded Howda Designz in 1990 after reconstructing an old wood and canvas seat that she discovered tucked away in a box of discarded items. (Read the full Original Howda story.)

“The beauty of reconstructing this old seat is that I saved an old-fashioned ‘technology’ from extinction – and built a cottage business that became international in scope. The Seat helps ease back and joint pain for thousands of people experiencing back pain, arthritis, sciatica and other issues. ”

In January 2006, after months of stringent clinical trials, Novak introduced the patented HowdaHUG, a seat designed for all children and those who require cradling and rocking to be more peaceful and calm. The seat has become a standard tool in thousands of classrooms across the U.S., Australia, and Canada.

“This work has been the most rewarding, joyous and satisfying of my life.”

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