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Weekender BriefBAG


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Description the handle on the bottom may be held, lifting the bag onto your hip, taking the weight off the shoulder. Tons can go in it. Washable!!

The Original J. Peterman Bag

The Weekender combines the features of a briefcase with the practicality of a duffel-like mailbag. It holds a smaller laptop in the outside, long pocket. Great for airline travel because it sits under the seat where inside contents and outside pockets are readily reached. Men and women love this bag for business and travel. This, one of the very first bags ever to have outside pockets, is the best of the canvas totes with the practicality of a duffle! There nothing like it! Deep outside pockets holds a coffee mug (or shoes).

Additional features include a lower handle to ease weight off the shoulder by lifting the bag onto the hip, a zip top closure, a key snap in a pocket, a 2″ adjustable shoulder strap and one large pocket on the inside.

The Weekender stands upright for easy access into the 13″ deep interior. When open, the zipper lays flat inside and around the 38″ circumference for complete view inside.

This bag has been referred to as the “J. Peterman bag” by both men and women for almost 20 years. It was featured in their catalog “because it wasn’t like everything else already out there.” And, there still isn’t anything out there like it! Former editor of Town and Country, Kim Waller, called it the “Weekender Bag” because it was the only bag she took from NYC to CT every weekend.

“I purchased my first Howda bag in the mid-1990’s from the Peterman Catalog and now I have 3 more since it is the only bag I use for work and weekends. Together we have traveled over 2.4 million air miles. I can’t imagine working without it.”┬áSteve Conroy Public Relations, Boston, MA

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