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HowdaSeats for Adults


The HowdaSeat is to your back what a good pair of shoes are to your feet.

The HowdaSeat® has your back in more ways than one!

Orthopedic care wrapped in high design.

Roll-up and take everywhere HowdaSeats are designed to embrace the back, fitting small to extra large with recommended ergonomic support.

♥ Men and women use HowdaSeats in chairs, couches, airline seats and cars as well as in front of computers, at the theater and all places from home to office.

♥ HowdaSeats give a lift to the entire upper body, taking pressure off the back as well as neck and shoulders.

♥ The ergonomic HowdaSeat adjustable

straps reposition forward and back to support unique back problems and/or conform to the body in various seating situations.

♥ The release straps allow easy access into and out of automobiles.

“If I had never owned a HowdaSeat I never would have known how good my back could feel! It set me on the road to recovery. I feel confident going anywhere knowing I will be comfortable wherever we end up!” — Danna S., Lubbock, TX

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