Cradle and rock your spirited child!

Find out why the HowdaHUG is so beneficial for children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), and has been dubbed "The Listening Chair" by more then one classroom.



HowdaHUGS ship by US Priority International and require a quote on shipping from the company. The website will not calculate shipping outside the US.

We ship HowdaHUGS to all countries, no exceptions. All orders to be paid by credit card or Paypal or otherwise make arrangements by calling U.S. (978) 462-6260.

Distributors in Canada and Australia:

·      Skillbuilders (Australia)

·      FDMT (Canada)

For all International schools, please contact Leslie if you have any questions on the sizes to order or require a quote for ship charges prior to making an order.

Please call to place your order with us directly: 978.462.6260 or email

International orders for HowdaSeats:

We ship HowdaSeats to all countries except the European Union. For those in the EU, the only seat that is sanctioned by Howda Designz is The Stol, licensed by Howda Designz. The Stol is sold by Ergolife. The Stol is also sold by Howda Designz exclusively for the U.S. market.