Cradle and rock your spirited child!

Find out why the HowdaHUG is so beneficial for children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), and has been dubbed "The Listening Chair" by more then one classroom.

HowdaZEN Bundle

HowdaZEN Bundle
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Price: $120.00
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The ZEN Bundle includes: HowdaSEAT, Howda Noodle, shearling cap cover, and the carrying pouch. 

This "backrest in peace" seat will give your back comfort for hours. The flexibility of the HowdaZEN allows you to wiggle into it for a total embrace around your back and bottom. Insert the Howda Noodle under the chair (see photo) and softly rock yourself to a balanced place, a listening place, a meditative place. Your place! 

The entire HowdaZEN Bundle rolls up and easily fits inside the over-the-shoulder pouch. 

Please note: The XL HowdaSEAT is only available in Cobalt Blue and Black canvas.

The HowdaSEAT is made in Maine. Construction is guaranteed for life.