Cradle and rock your spirited child!

Find out why the HowdaHUG is so beneficial for children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), and has been dubbed "The Listening Chair" by more then one classroom.

Howda Accessories

Don't leave home without these great add-ons! howda-lap-desk


For extra comfort and convenience, HowdaDesignz offers a number of products that expand the functionality of our Seats and HUGS. 

Plush, washable liners that provide added tactile delight and fitting finesse

Lightweight totes to carry your rolled-up seat

Yoga mats for children, and Noodle Rolls for adults

Portable desks for lap-top work

All thoughtfully designed using the best American products and manufacturing.


The Little Yoga Mat
Product ID : 2255
Use it for yoga, play, nap and tummy time!
Howda Noodle ROLL
Product ID : 1140
THE NOODLE!! ALL ORGANIC: Rock and ROLL into the perfect seating position!
Shearling Cap Cover
Product ID : 2235
Soft, plush cap cover for HowdaHUGs and HowdaSeats.
Shoulder Carry Pouch
Product ID : 3125
Carry your HowdaSeat or HowdaHUG with this nylon tote.
Portable Lap Table
Product ID : 4474
Lightweight and sturdy, this small wood table sits on a child's lap.
Shearling Liner
Product ID : 2225
Nylon shearling liner fits any size HowdaSeat or HowdaHUG.